About Us

People have been watching baseball games from the buildings behind Wrigley Field since the park opened in 1914. The historic three-flats have grown up with the ballpark, through over a century of Cubs seasons, to become what people now only need to refer to as “The Rooftops.”

In 1989, Lakeview Baseball Club opened as Wrigleyville’s first rooftop baseball establishment, offering all-inclusive food and drinks to guests. Here was a new and unique way to enjoy the game— a new perspective on Wrigley. Since then fifteen other locations have followed suit, but Lakeview Baseball Club and its sister location, Outfield Gallery, still stand as two of the last remaining independent locations on the block.

We pride ourselves on being the friendly neighborhood rooftop, made of real people who care about the Wrigleyville community. We have no customers; only guests. We all smile, because we love what we do. And we work to make your experience unforgettable, because we know just what that experience is like. Just ask our mascot, Beary Caray— he’ll tell you all about it.

Outfield Gallery is a collection of Wrigleyville culture and history. As the second oldest baseball stadium in the world, Wrigley Field has quite a story to tell. Unfortunately, there aren't many story tellers left to carry the historic Wrigley spirit into the future. Outfield Gallery stands as a sanctuary for the true Cubs spirit— that inextinguishable pride that keeps burning through the good and the bad times. It isn't a thought— it's a feeling— and nobody can take it away from us. Come see us at Outfield Gallery to discover how that feeling came to be, and to help keep it alive as we move into the future. Hey, Chicago, what do you say? Nothing can take our spirit away.