Lakeview Baseball Club (Chicago Cubs© Wrigley Field © Rooftop)

The history of north side baseball and the Wrigleyville neighborhood is certainly rich in tradition as well as folklore. The tradition of rooftop spectators goes all the way back to opening day in 1914 when the Cubs© first played in Wrigley Field©. The fans could be seen on the roofs’ all across Sheffield Avenue. Rooftop spectators have been witness to numerous changes for the Cubs© and indeed the game of baseball itself. They saw the name of their beloved ballpark change over the years from Weegman Park, Cubs Park, to now Wrigley Field©. Our team names have changed also from the Federals, White Stockings, Colts, Orphans, and finally to the Cubs©.

Rooftop fans witnessed our great pastime at its infancy and watched it slowly evolve to where it is today. In the 70’s and 80’s rooftops in Wrigleyville enjoyed an unprecedented growth in popularity however, they remained casual social gatherings for friends and family to enjoy. It was not until 1988 that Robert Racky opened the first official rooftop, Lakeview Baseball Club®. Starting a private club in a building older than Wrigley Field© itself posed many challenges but providing safety and comfort for our guests was chief among them.

In 1988 the Racky family began the top to bottom restoration of the building, including modern amenities, enhancing both the safety and comfort of its guests. The first official event of the Lakeview Baseball Club® took place on August 8, 1988 in conjunction with the first Chicago Cubs’© night game.

With the much contested addition of lights to Wrigley Field© along with various projects upgrading the bleachers and grandstands it is clear the Cubs© and the rooftops have evolved together. Lakeview Baseball Club® made further improvements over the years with the addition of the Upper Deck in 1994, and major projects in 2002 and 2005 that have created a more enjoyable experience by retrofitting the building to comply with modern safety standards.

Where We Are

We are very proud of our recent completion of the restoration of our third floor Club Room, which can be viewed under Photos on our website. We were also able to integrate state of the art audio visual amenities into the timeless decor of old Wrigleyville. The acquisition of circa 1890 antique bar retrieved from a Vail, Colorado ski lodge offers a true private club atmosphere, adding greatly to member comfort and enjoyment. We are proud to say we are continually upgrading our facility and amenities and that Lakeview Baseball Club® stands alone as the only private rooftop in Wrigleyville.

Where We’re Going

Here at Lakeview Baseball Club® we have many new and exiting plans for our future. Some changes in store for the near future include an elevator and numerous aesthetic alterations to the lower floors of the building, allowing a more comprehensive experience for our members and guests. We will be better equipped to satisfy the communication and presentation needs for on-site meetings by providing a modern, multi-functional conference room and business center. While much of our time is focused on continuing to provide the best possible experience for our members and guest, we remain true Cubs© fans at heart and are hoping for the day when the sign on the front of the building reads AC000000.


Anthony Racky
Managing Director

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