Lakeview Baseball Club (Chicago Cubs© Wrigley Field © Rooftop)

Membership in Lakeview Baseball Club offers many opportunities for rooftop entertaining, including employee and client parties overlooking Wrigley Field©. The club is also a great place for other events. In the past we’ve hosted Cubs© themed wedding receptions, private birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette groups, anniversary parties, and retirement parties, and the Club Room is also available before events for private meetings of 50 or less.

If you are interested in joining the club, please take a few minutes to look over the information below to see which type of membership is best for you. If you’re not sure, give us a call at (773) 935-1880 and we’ll find the right fit for you.


The history of north side baseball and the Wrigleyville neighborhood is certainly rich in tradition as well as folklore. The tradition of rooftop spectators goes all the way back to the very first opening day on April 25, 1876 when the Cubs© first played. The fans could be seen on the roofs’ all across Sheffield Avenue. Rooftop spectators have been witness to numerous changes for the Cubs© and indeed the game of baseball itself. They saw the name of their beloved ballpark change over the years from Weegman Park, Cubs Park, to now Wrigley Field©. Our team names have changed also from the Federals, White Stockings, Colts, Orphans, and finally to the Cubs©. Read more about our history.

How do I join?

Contact the Director of Member Services at (773)935-1880 Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm or submit your inquiry via email to

Corporate Member

This is the most flexible of the memberships and the only type of membership permitted to reserve the entire club (Club Room and Rooftop Levels) for their exclusive use and to transfer to other people. Corporate members can have up to 124 guests at open member events, have first priority for any post-season rooftop reservations and receive ten free passes to open member events.

Executive Member

If you’re looking to entertain small to medium sized groups, this is the membership for you. Executive members can have up to 79 guests at open member events, have second priority for any post-season rooftop reservations and receive six free passes to open member events. This membership can not be transferred.

Individual Member

Perfect for those wanting to entertain small groups or those that just enjoy Cubs© baseball. Individual members can have up to 34 guests at open member events, make post-season rooftop reservations and receive three free passes to open member events. This membership can not be transferred.

Non-Resident Member

Specifically for those outside Illinois looking for a Wrigley Field© experience, Non-Resident Members can have up to 14 guests at open member events, make post-season rooftop reservations and receive two free passes to open member events. This membership can not be transferred.

Special Event Member

The Club periodically has special events (often in conjunction with events in Wrigely Field©), and this membership is geared towards those few who aren’t necessarily Cubs© baseball fans. Like the other memberships we offer, the Special Event Membership is valid for an entire year from the acceptance date of your application. Special Event members can only make reservations for events designated as Special Events. There aren’t any free passes, however, the member as always pays a discounted rate. This membership cannot be transferred.

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Event Planning Guide

When planning a rooftop event at Lakeview Baseball Club there are several things to keep in mind to ensure a successful event

1. Read all paperwork very carefully. Make sure to ask questions if anything is unclear, the staff is always ready to help.

2. Keep the Administrative Office information handy:

Mailing/Office Address: 3633 N Sheffield Ave Chicago, IL 60613 PH 773-935-1880 FAX 773-935-2101

Hours: Mon through Fri 9am to 5pm

3. Mark your calendar with your rooftop event(s) when they have been confirmed by the office.

4. Make sure to know the date of your rooftop event before calling the office. Make sure any emails reference the event date you’re talking about.

5. Guests lists must be in the office by noon 2 business days before your rooftop event (for Saturday and Sunday events, your list must be in by noon on Thursday)

6. Make sure that the member/member of the day is at the Club when doors open and available to management for questions

7. Make sure all your guests know the following information before coming to the club:

  1. Club Address – 3633 N Sheffield (in the middle of the block along Wrigley Field’s© right field wall)
    • (You can get driving directions from the Contact Us page on our website)
  2. Time the doors open 1 hour before the start of any event (unless you have a Pre-Event Meeting)
  3. The Club closes 1 hour after the game/event is officially over.
  4. Dress Code – Country Club / Business Casual (See Rules & Regulations)
  5. No Children Under the Age of 10
  6. There is NO PARKING at the Club (we highly suggest CTA, a charter service, or the Cubs© shuttle that runs from the ITT campus on Addison)
  7. There is NO seat saving in the rooftop bleachers (first come, first serve)

8. Please tell your guests that if they have any questions to contact you (or the person coordinating the event), to avoid any confusion please do not tell them to call the office.

9. Items left at the Club are taken to the Administrative Office, call (773) 935-1880 to describe the item you lost and arrange to pick it up.

10. Lakeview Baseball Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

11. If you have guests coming in from out of town there is some space to store luggage / bags, the manager at the door can coordinate this with your guest. If a large number of your group has luggage / bags, please contact the office so that the Club staff can be prepared. Be aware that the area for baggage is unsecured and Lakeview Baseball Club accepts no liability for theft or damage.

12. If you have a handout/giveaway for your Corporate Exclusive Event make sure to coordinate it through the Administrative Office per the Rules & Regulations.

13. Make sure to complete the Post-Event Survey Form so that we can better serve you and your guests.

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Cubs© Game Date – Event at the Club that corresponds with a scheduled Chicago Cubs© baseball game in Wrigley Field©

Off-Season Event – Any event at the Club that occurs between October 1st and March 31st of any given year that does not correspond to a Cubs© baseball game in Wrigley Field©.

Open Member Event – An event designated so that all members may make reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis up to capacity and within the boundaries of each type of membership. A total of 30 reservations from one or more members are needed for a date to be designated as Open Member.

Corporate Exclusive Event – An event where a Corporate Member has reserved the entire club (Club Room and Rooftop Levels) for the exclusive use of their party.

Upheld – When there are less than 30 reservations for a date it is considered “upheld” and is not yet designated an Open Member Event and the reservations are not yet confirmed. If a Corporate Member submits an exclusive reservation request for that date, that member will be confirmed for that date. Members with reservations will be notified if the date is taken by a corporate exclusive event. Once 30 reservations are received, the date becomes a designated Open Member Event, the reservations for that date are confirmed and the member(s) will be notified.

Pre-Event Meeting – An event held prior to an event already on the schedule, including Cubs© home games at Wrigley Field©.

Special Event – any event that is designated by the Club as a Special Event, usually concerts or non-athletic related events held inside Wrigley Field©

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